Lamp Replacement

The Brava lamps are designed to last tens of thousands of cook sessions under normal household usage.  However, they can physically break or burn out.

Reference this article to determine if your Brava lamp needs to be replaced.

If you do need to replace a lamp, you first need to determine whether your Brava has self-replaceable lamps.

How to Determine If Your Brava Has Self-Replaceable Lamps

Your lamps are self-replaceable if

  • Your Brava is silver AND it was purchased new after Sept 1, 2021.
  • Or your Brava has been sent in for repair previously and Brava Lab retrofitted the lamps for you.
Note: Silver Bravas purchased after Sept 1, 2021 have self-replaceable lamps.

When in doubt, please contact Brava Customer Success to verify if your Brava has self-replaceable lamps.  Email with your Brava serial number (the "S/N" alphanumerical number located under the black rubber mat).

You Have Self-Replaceable Lamps

If your Brava has self-replaceable lamps, please contact Brava Customer Success to purchase the replacement bulbs.  The bulbs are free of charge if your Brava is under warranty.  Otherwise the cost is $35 for each lamp.

Instructional videos to replace the lamps

You Do Not Have Self-Replaceable Lamps

If your Brava does not have lamps that are self-replaceable, Brava will have to replace the lamp for you.  Please contact Brava Customer Success ( to initiate the repair.

Your Brava is Under Warranty

There is no charge for lamp replacement if your Brava is under warranty (manufacturer's 1-year warranty or extended warranty).  If you have extended warranty, Brava will retrofit your lamps when you send your unit in for repair.  Once retrofitted, you will be able to replace the lamps yourself in the future.

If you do not have extended warranty but your Brava is still under the 1-year manufacture's warranty, there is no charge to replace the damaged lamp; however, retrofitting the lamps will cost $95.  Alternatively, you may purchase extended warranty (1-year for $99 or 2-year for $149) and there will be no charge for the retrofit.

Your Brava is Out of Warranty

The cost to repair the Brava is $200.  This includes all shipping charges, parts and labor.  Brava will provide a box if you no longer have it.  You will have the option to retrofit your Brava lamps and the cost of additional $95.  Once retrofitted, you will be able to replace your lamps yourself in the future.  

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