Packaging the Brava for Return - Glass Door Box

These instructions are for glass door Brava shipping boxes, which include a honeycomb board (see below), designed to protect the glass.  Click here for packing instructions if your Brava box does not come with the honeycomb board.


To ensure your Brava is packaged safely and arrives at its final destination undamaged, please follow the instructions below. You are responsible for any damages to the Brava as a result of poor packing.  Brava will deduct a minimum of $500 from the refunded amount depending on the degree of damage if packaged incorrectly.


1. Make sure the dot stickers are on the same side of the box, this will ensure the proper alignment of all the packing materials.

Insert the honeycomb cardboard with handle cutout, vertically to the side of the box with dot sticker and handle cutout.  


2. Insert bottom tray. Making sure to line the dot on the tray to the dot on the inside wall. 


3. Carefully lower the Brava into the box, with handle facing the cutout.  DO NOT use the oven door handle when lifting or lowering the oven to avoid damaging the glass. The Brava door should be facing the inside wall with the dot sticker. 

Do not put any trays inside the oven chamber.

No4.jpg 4. Insert top tray, making sure to align the dot sticker to the internal side wall dot sticker. 


5. Insert top tray and match side with the dot on tray to the internal wall dot.  Pack up the accessories box, which should include (from bottom to top), metal tray, glass tray, then TempSensor. If returning for credit, be sure to send back the accessories. 

*If sending Brava in for repair or replacement, please DO NOT send in the accessories.*

No6.jpg  6. The top honeycomb insert goes into the box last and is oriented as shown in the photo. Make sure to align the dot just like the previous inserts, the dot on the top insert should be towards the internal wall with the dot sticker as well.  
mceclip6.png mceclip8.png
7.  Tape up the inner box.  Then place corner protectors between the inner and outer box as shown above.

Once these steps are complete, seal the outer box with packing tape. And with that, your Brava is all ready for a safe trip!

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