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  • Travis Rea

    You can absolutely make burgers in Brava. I recommend using the metal tray on the bottom oven shelf. If making 2 burgers, use Sear (Zone 2, bottom only) for 2 minutes. Check the level of browning. If seared nicely, flip and cook the same amount of time - Sear (Zone 2, bottom only) for 2 minutes - on other side. Check doneness. If not fully cooked, switch to Sear (Zone 2, top only) and continue cooking until you achieve desired doneness. 

    If making 4 at a time, place the patties in Zones 1 and 2. Start with Sear (Zone 1, bottom only) for 2 minutes, then move to Sear (Zone 2, bottom only) for 2 minutes more before flipping. Then cook for 2 minutes each in Zones 1 and 2 to sear second side. Check doneness. If not done, switch to Sear (All Zones, top only) and cook until you achieve desired doneness. 

    You should expect some pooling of meat juices when cooking on the metal tray, so don't be surprised if you see that. There's nothing wrong here!

    You're probably asking "why is there no preset for burgers?". Well friends, developing a "one-size fits all" recipe for burgers was challenging for a few reasons. 

    1. Some people prefer thick burgers, while others prefer thin.
    2. You cannot use the TempSensor at all on a thin burger.
    3. TempSensor tends to move in thick burgers due to pockets of air and fat, which leads to inaccurate temperature readings  

    We are working on a feature where you will be able to save (and share) the procedure you created and customized. It should be coming in the first half of 2019! 

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