Brava’s NEW Referral Program

We have launched a new referral program, Extole. You will be able to share a discount for Brava sets with your friends, and after they buy, you’ll earn a gift card reward.* 

Here’s the deal:

  • Gift your friend $200 off of a Brava.
  • When they buy using your code, you earn a $100 Visa gift card.

So how do you refer your friends? 

1) On your desktop, login to your Brava account on

2) Hover over your profile picture in the upper right hand corner. 

3) Select “Settings.”

4) In the “Refer a Friend” section, click or tap the “GIVE $200, GET $100” button.

5) A pop-up will appear. Sign-up with your email address to receive your custom URL to share with friends via email, Whatsapp, or on social media.

6) If you choose to email, the pop-up will let you customize the email message to your friend.


How does your friend get the discount?

1) Your friend(s) will receive an email or link. Your friend will click on the “SHOP NOW” button in the email, or click the custom URL link you sent.

2) A pop-up will appear. Your friend will sign-up by entering their email and clicking the “GET COUPON” button to receive a unique discount code.

3) A code will appear. Your friend will copy the code, and apply it at checkout to receive $200 off a Brava Starter Set, Bake & Breakfast, or Chef’s Choice. Each code may only be used once.


When do you get your gift card reward?

1) Brava will automatically email you when your friend purchases a Brava using your code.

2) We’ll also let you know how many people you’ve referred each month.

3) After 30 days, you will be sent a $100 Visa gift card by email.* 


Now, what are you waiting for? Share the Brava love and refer your family and friends today!


*Terms and conditions apply

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