Brava Updates


June 2024

Custom Cooks:

  • Fixed an issue when adding Combinations as a step in Custom Cooks.


Wireless TempSensor:

  • Added additional warnings and messaging for Wireless TempSensor errors.
  • If the Brava detects the Wireless TempSensor is heating up too fast due to misplacement, you will now be notified via the Brava and the Brava App, which will link to troubleshooting articles to help diagnose potential issues.
    • Brava will indicate which portion of the Wireless TempSensor is overheating, pause the cook, and give you time to fix the placement



Additional Changes:

  • Removed the "last cook complete" banner
    • This banner would normally show when idling the Brava after completing a cook without dismissing the Cook Complete screen and has since been removed due to user feedback.


 August 2023           


Wireless TempSensor

      • The Brava Wireless TempSensor is now available and can be paired to the Brava via Bluetooth.
          •  Users have the option to use either the Wired TempSensor or the Wireless TempSensor   for any recipe requiring a TempSensor.
      • New options have been added to Settings to pair the Wireless TempSensor to the Brava.
      • These new options can be found via Settings -> Utilities -> WirelessTempsensor.

      • Alternatively, pair the Wireless TempSensor via the cook flow in any recipe requiring a TempSensor, for example Chicken Breasts.

      • Additional icons and information have been added to the Brava for the Wireless TempSensor.
      • More information on pairing and general use of the Wireless TempSensor can be found on Brava Support.


Login via QR Code:

      • Added an option to sign in via QR code in Settings.
        • Scanning the QR code via phone will open the Brava App and automatically sign you into your Brava if you are already logged in on the Brava App.


Additional Changes:

      • Favorites and Recents:
        • Added additional sorting options for Favorites and Recent Cooks.


      • Description and Preview on Sound Settings Menu:
        • Added additional details to the Sound options in Settings.



      • Banner Alerts for Status Updates:
        • When multiple banners appear on the Brava at the same time, they will now display as one banner that can be selected to view all of the alerts at the same time.


      • Manual Time setting:
        • Added an option in Settings to set the date and time of the Brava Manually.
        • This option can be found via Settings -> Personalization -> Date and Time.

      • Bug Fixes and changes:
        • Idling on the Cook Complete screen for more than 10 minutes after dismissing the ding alert will now return the Brava to the Home screen.
        • Fixed an issue where identical ingredient measurements were not combined in the cooking Guide for some recipes.
        • Fixed an issue where the Brava would occasionally freeze after a software update.
        • Fixed an issue where recipe count was mismatched between oven, app, and web.
        • Improve Wi-Fi reconnecting capabilities.
        • Erasing user data in Settings will now also erase Wi-Fi and bluetooth settings.
        • Fixed minor text issues with Wi-Fi spelling


February 2023                   

Added Cook History

  • Cook History, much like Recents will show the latest items you have cooked in the Brava.
  • However selecting an item in Cook History will show various new features.



    • A timelapse video of your cook will display showing a short summary of your entire cook.


    •  An option to download the timelapse video will be available at the top of the page.
    • You can also share the video by selecting the share button.
    • Selecting the Go to Recipe button will open the recipe page for the item you cooked.
    • The Share Feedback about an Issue button can be used to submit an issue about the cook.
      • Issues submitted will open a ticket with the CS team allowing you to give feedback on the cook.



    • These new features can be found on the app by selecting the Profiles button at the bottom-right of the screen, then selecting Cook History.
    • A new option has been added to the Recipe Page of recipes cooked in your Brava.
      • Selecting the Cooked Times button will show the cook history for that given recipe.



Added an option to sort Favorites

  • Favorites can be sorted alphabetically, by most cooked, or recently added.



Additional Changes

       -  Fixed various issues and added additional minor adjustments.


Added Dashboards to the Brava website

       -  Just like the Brava app, you can view all of your brava statistics in one place.

              - Navigate to, sign in and select your profile to find your Dashboard directly on the                           Brava website.




 December 2022

Added a Yule Log screensaver

  • The screen saver can be changed in Settings →  Personalization →  Display Screen Saver. 



August 2022


Added a Dashboard section to Profiles

  • After enabling the Dashboard you will be able to track various aspects of your Brava including total cooks, your top recipes, the new recipes you have tried and more.
  • To view the Dashboard, simply tap on the "Dashboard" tab in your profile, located to the right of "Custom Cooks."



Dashboard: Total Cooks

  • The Total Cooks graph will show you how many times you have used your Brava each month and your overall total cook count.



Dashboard: My Top Go-to Recipes

  • The Go-to Recipes section shows you which recipes you have cooked the most in the Brava and how many times you have cooked them.



Dashboard: Recent New Recipes Tried

  • The Recent New Recipes Tried displays the last three items you tried for the first time and the date in which you first tried them.



Dashboard: Top Cook Categories

  • The Top Cook Categories section will show you which types of food you have cooked the most, such as Vegetables, Poultry, Seafood, etc.



  • Selecting Show All will display the various food type categories and how they rank in your top cooks.



  • Tapping a food category here will show which recipes you have cooked the most for that specific category.




Dashboard: When I Cook with My Brava

  • This section will tell you at which time of day you use your Brava the most.



Dashboard: Unique Recipes Cooked

  • Unique Recipes Cooked will show you how many different recipes you have tried for the month and the total amount of new recipes you have tried.


Dashboard: Top Used Manual Modes

  • This section will display which Manual Modes you have used the most, such as Bake, Reheat, Keep Warm, Sear, etc.



  • Selecting Show All will display each Brava Manual Mode and how many times you have used them.



July 2022

Added a Timer to the Home Screen

  • Selecting the Timer will allow you to set an alert that will notify you at a set time.
    • This feature can be freely used while the Brava is sitting idle or prior to starting any cook.



Condensed the Recipe Guide to one scrollable screen

  • The Recipe Guide for all recipes can now be scrolled through without having to switch between different pages.
  • The Arrows on the left and right of the guide can be used to quickly jump to the next (or previous) step in the guide.



Enhanced the Brava Keyboard for easier use

  • The design of the keyboard has been updated for better visual clarity.
    • Increased the size of each key on the keyboard.
    • Added additional hit-effects to keys that are pressed.
    • Disabled any keys on the keyboard that are not used when inputting a Custom Cook Key.


Added additional Display features

  • Added a Brightness option to Settings.
    • Select from either a High or Low brightness setting to adjust the screen brightness of the Brava.


  • Added a Night mode option.
    • Enabling this feature will allow you to set a time frame where the Brava display will fully turn off.


  • Moved the Display Idle Time and Screen Saver options to the new Display option in Settings.
    • Night Mode and Brightness can also be found under this new section.



Updated the Screen Saver options in Settings

  • Similar screensavers have been condensed into one option.
    • Selecting the Edit button for a screensaver will allow you to select different layouts or visual styles for that screensaver.



Added several options to the Recipe Carousel Screensaver

  • You can now select to feature Chef Picks, Favorites, Followed Chefs, Featured Recipes, and Recent Cooks on the Recipe Carousel.
    • At random, eight recipes will be chosen from the selected settings and featured on the Screensaver.
    • If there are more than eight recipes to select from, eight new recipes will be chosen at random the next day to be featured on the Screensaver.
    • Chef Picks is enabled by default and will feature the newest recipe releases. This option can be turned off if at least one other option has been enabled to be featured.
    • Featured Recipes will show a list of recipes chosen by the Brava Chefs that will be periodically adjusted throughout the year.




      May 2022                

Added the option to follow Custom Cook creators.

  • Following your favorite Custom Cook creators allows you to easily visit their profile and favorite their Custom Cooks.


  • You will be notified via Email or Brava App when someone you follow creates a new Custom Cook, so you can stay up to date with your favorite creators.
    • A notification will also be sent out when another user starts to follow you as well.


  • You can follow any creator via their Profile or via a Custom Cook they have created.
    • Simply select the Follow button and they will be added to your list of followers.



  • A list of your favorite creators as well as your own Followers can be found in your Profile.
    • From your Profile you can quickly access the Custom Cooks and Profiles of the creators you follow.



Added a list of community Top Chefs.

  • Under the “Following” tab in your profile, select “Meet Top Chefs”.
    • You can find a list of recommended Top Chefs to follow for Custom Cooks.


Added a Home Chef Spotlight in the Brava app.

  • The Home Chef Spotlight is where Brava will recommend a Custom Cook creator to check out and follow.
    • The Home Chef Spotlight can be found on the home screen of the Brava App. Selecting the featured creator will take you to their profile where you can find their created Custom Cooks.



      March  2022

Added new Push notifications for the Brava

  • You will now be alerted via the Brava App when your Brava has fully Preheated.


  • A new Push notification will now be sent when the Brava is nearing a pause step for multi-step recipes.
    • If you are cooking a recipe on the Brava that has a Pause step, the Brava will send you a notification when the Pause step is coming up.


  • New push notifications will be sent when the Brava detects issues with your cook.
    • You will be alerted on your phone if the Brava detects that your food is cooking too quickly while using the TempSensor.
      • This can be caused by the TempSensor not being inserted correctly into your food.


  • A new Push notification will be sent if the Brava has shut off or disconnected from your wifi network during a cook.



Added New Push and Email Notifications for Comments

  • You will now receive a Push notification when another Brava user comments on one of your Custom Cooks.



  • You will receive a Push notification when another user Replies or Likes a comment you have made on a Custom Cook or Recipe.
    • You will also be notified when another user comments on a Thread that you have contributed to.


  • You will also receive an email when another user likes, or replies to one of your comments.
    • An email will also be sent if a user comments on a thread that you have contributed to.
  • These notifications can be adjusted via the Brava App or Web.
    • For the App, these can be accessed via Settings > Account Settings > Notifications



  • For Web, these can be accessed via logging into > Select Settings in the  in the Profile dropdown menu > Notifications.


Bug fixes

  • Added the base ingredient of a Combination above the “Create Combination” options in the Cook Tile.
    • This option can be used to quickly access a single ingredient without having to enter the Create Combination flow.



  • Fixed an issue where the Brava could not connect to Wi-Fi for some users.
  • Updated the default screensaver for new Brava owners to the Recipe screensaver.
  • Fixed various lag issues when making Combination Cooks.
  • Fixed an issue where the TempSensor screen could display for some Combination Cooks that did not require the TempSensor.
  • Updated the visuals and fixed various bugs for Recipe comments on Web and App.
  • Updated the visuals and fixed various bugs for Recipe Search on Web.



December  2021

Added a new cooking mode: Rice Cook!

  • A new “Rice Cook” option can be accessed via the Brava’s homescreen.
    • Use the Brava Chef’s Pan to cook the rice.
    • Follow the instructions on the Brava touchscreen, which include selecting brown or white rice and quantity (cups of rice). 


Added a new recipe screensaver

  • This screensaver will show eight of the latest recipes released to the Brava.
    • The screensaver will cycle through each recipe, showing the recipe’s photo and description.
    • You can also favorite each recipe directly from the Screensaver.
    • The new screensaver can be found via Settings > Personalization > Screen Saver > New Recipe Carousel



Added an option to skip to the next Pause step in Multi-Step Recipes and Custom Cooks

  • Selecting the 'Skip' button will show a skip confirmation screen.
  • Selecting the 'Okay' button will skip the cook to the next Pause step in the recipe.
    • Note that this feature only displays for Multi-Step Recipes or Custom Cooks that use Pause steps.



Bug fixes 

  • Adjusted the text when selecting a Size, or Cut for Combination to be clearer.
  • Updated the Category images in the Cook tile to better reflect the items in each category.
  • Fixed an issue where the same Combination could show up in Favorites more than once.
  • Added additional clarification text when selecting a Time-Based cook option when making a Combination Cook.
  • Adjusted the Recipe text for Combination Cooks to state the recipe name in the order that the combination was created.
    • For example; a combination made by selecting “Broccoli,” then “Brussels Sprouts,” then “Asparagus” will show the recipe name: “Broccoli Florets, Brussels Sprouts, and Asparagus”.
  • Additional minor text and bug fixes.


November 2021

Added 5800+ new ingredient combinations, called “Combo Cooks”

  • A new “Create Combination” option can be accessed via the Cook tile.
    • Select “Cook” from the Brava’s Home screen.
    • Select the first ingredient that you would like to cook, for instance Chicken Breasts
    • Tap the “Create Combination” option to add more ingredients.
    • Select up to three ingredients to cook on one tray together, or cook a single item by itself.


Upgraded Search to accommodate the vastly expanded combinations.

  • Combo Cooks can also be accessed via the Search tile.
  • Type out the ingredient(s), and the Brava will display the Combo Cook in the results (For example: “Chicken Broccoli Potato”).
  • Select the Combo Cook, and the Brava will display the first step of the cook flow. 
  • Additional changes have been made to improve the Brava’s Search speed and responsiveness. This applies to searching on the Brava Website and the Brava App as well.


Bug Fixes

  • Some items in the “Recipes to Try First” section of the Brava will now feature the new “Create Combination” flow. For instance, Chicken Breasts.
  • Updated Recent Cooks, Favorites, and Custom Cooks to support new Combo Cooks.
  • Improved the power off functionality for powering off the Brava via Settings.
  • Added additional minor bug fixes.
  • Added an option in Recents to hide duplicate items that have been cooked multiple times.


June 2021

Brava Shutdown Option

  • Users can power off the Brava from the power button in Settings.
    • When the button is tapped, a confirmation alert will appear.
    • Confirming will power off the Brava normally.
    • If the Brava is still hot, it will power off once it has cooled adequately.

Use this feature to power off the Brava before unplugging. This will ensure that all Brava processes have stopped correctly before being unplugged.

  • An alert will be displayed if the Brava was not powered off correctly.

For the health and longevity of your Brava, shut it down via the power button. Just as it's important to power down a computer properly, it’s better for your Brava to shut it down before you unplug it.




Updated “Helpful Tips”

  • “Helpful Tips” has been renamed to “Recipe Guide” for all recipes.
  • This has been adjusted to add better clarity as to where a Recipe’s Instructions and Ingredients can be found.



Updated Sear

  • The “Sear” guide has been updated with additional information.
  • The guide will have suggestions on which shelf and tray to use for the item you are cooking.
  • The shelf instructions have been updated to suggest the use of either shelves as well as both Metal and Glass trays.



Updated Reheat

  • The “Reheat” guide has been updated to offer more suggestions on how to use each cook time.
  • Additional information on which trays to use has also been added.



December 2020


  • Added a new recipe type called “Multi-Step Recipes”.
    • Multi-Step Recipes are recipes that require you to interact with the Brava at some point during the recipe.
      • This could include removing or inserting cookware into the Brava.
      • Stirring or adding ingredients to a recipe.
      • Flipping or removing ingredients before continuing the recipe.
    • Previously, these recipes have only been available on the App. These recipes are now available to cook straight from your Brava.
      • Examples of these new Multi-Step Recipes include Apple Crisp, Braised Short Ribs, Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies, and much more!
      • These Recipes can now also be favorited and sent to the Brava from the App or Web for better convenience.



  • Added a Christmas Screensaver.
    • The screensaver can be changed in Settings > Power > Screensaver.



  • Added the ability to skip the Pause step that occurs after a Preheat step completes in Custom Cooks.
    • You can find this new toggle in the Preheat Temperature screen for any Preheat step in Custom Cooks.
    • If this option is toggled off, Brava will immediately start the next step after the Preheat step once the Brava chamber reaches the desired temperature.


  • An “Update Available” banner will now display if there are any pending updates available to install on the Brava.


  • You can now attach Images to the Custom Cooks you have made.
    • You can attach images to any of your Custom Cooks via the App or Web under your profile.
    • Brava will immediately sync any images attached via App or Web and display them on the Brava as well.



  • You can now add any Brava Preset Recipe to any Custom Cook recipe.
    • You can browse from any recipe available on the Brava and add it to a Custom Cook without having to run the cook first.
    • You can use this feature to string together multiple different recipes or run a step before or after any recipe preset on the Brava.


  • You can now favorite Custom Cooks on the Brava.
    • Custom Cooks that have been favorited will display under the Favorite section on the Brava, app and web.



  • The Brava will now instruct you to leave the Brava’s cooking chamber empty for preheating steps in Custom Cooks.
    • This can be enabled by turning on the “Pause after preheat” toggle in a Preheat step.
    • Once Preheat is complete, a new screen will display showing you where to place the cookware.



  • Added the ability to view the steps of a Custom Cook while the Custom Cook is cooking.
    • Tapping the timeline at the bottom of the screen while a Custom Cook is cooking will display a new timeline with information about the selected step.
    • You can tap arrows on the timeline to view the next steps or previous steps of a Custom Cook.



  • Added a Continue Cooking button to the Cook Complete screen for manual cooks.
    • This button will display as “Bake More”, “Reheat More”, “Sear More”, etc based on the manual mode you are running.
    • Selecting this button will place you back in the Manual Cook mode you selected.




  • Changed the text in various screens to state “Brava” instead of “oven”.
  • Updated the buttons on the Instructional Videos to the newer oval button design.
  • Updated several legal text pages on the Brava.
  • Changed the button text from “Create Custom Cook” to “Edit Custom Cook” after completing any Custom Cook.
  • Added additional Wi-Fi stability improvements.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Home button did not display when viewing the Timer in Utilities.
  • Fixed an issue in Reheat where the +30 seconds button would remain on the screen after reaching the 10 minute maximum cook time.
  • Fixed an issue where all available updates would not be downloaded if you connected to a very slow network after powering on the Brava for the first time.
  • Fixed an issue where the screensaver could display on the Cook Complete screen before you removed your food.
  • Fixed a minor text issue in the Privacy Policy screen.
  • Fixed a minor text issue in the Open Source Compliance screen.
  • Fixed an issue with Shelf Detection where the incorrect tray placement screen could display for recipes that use two trays.
  • Fixed a minor text issue on the Reheating Complete screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the Release notes would display if the brava was unplugged and plugged back in while updates were pending to install.
  • Fixed an issue where the Custom Cook-Key would briefly disappear after publishing a Custom Cook.
  • Fixed an issue in Custom Cooks where the Zones Full quantity could get reverted after saving the Custom Cook.

June 2020


  • The Brava Home screen has been updated to introduce a number of quality-of-life improvements and features.
    • The time and date will now display in the top left corner of the Home Screen.
    • The Brava’s WiFi signal / signal strength will also display in the top right corner.
    • Replaced the page dots at the bottom of the Home screen with bars.
    • The page bars will display a pulse animation when there is a notification on the screen.



  • The Settings and Utilities tiles have been combined into the Settings tile on the Brava Home screen.
    • All settings that customize the Brava to your liking can now be found under Personalization.
    • Any Utility features can still be found under “Utilities” under Settings.
    • Information about your specific Brava can be found under “About this Brava”.
    • Screen Savers can now be previewed under the Personalization section in Settings.
    • Settings now features a more organized and easy to navigate experience.
    • Similar setting or utility options have now been grouped together.



    • You can now disable tiles from displaying on the Home Screen.
      • If there is a feature on the Brava Home screen you would like to hide, you can do this under Settings > Personalization > Home Screen.




  • Added additional WiFi stability improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the TempSensor could be used in Slow Cook.
  • Fixed an issue in Custom Cooks where Keep Warm would not appear in the Step List after making a Custom Cook from a completed Slow Cook.
  • Fixed an occasional issue where a Custom Cook could display with an incorrect cook time.
  • Fixed an occasional issue where a downloaded Custom Cook would download without Cook Steps.
  • Fixed an issue in Custom Cooks where the legacy Cookflow would display for certain recipes.


May 2020

New Oven Features:

  • Added a new cooking mode: Slow Cook!
    • Dev Note: Since this cooking mode works just like any Slow Cooker, you can make any Slow Cook recipes you find online! Just follow the Temperature and Cook Times in the recipe!
    • The Slow Cook mode allows the Brava to emulate a conventional Slow Cooker.
    • Like a conventional Slow Cooker, Brava has two temperature options: Low and High.
    • Slow Cook has a maximum cook time of 12 hours.
    • Once a Slow Cook completes, the Brava will automatically keep your food warm for up to 12 hours.
    • Note that this cooking mode requires a covered Chef’s Pan.



Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an occasional issue in Bake where Preheat could be skipped.
  • Fixed an issue in Bake where the Timeline was unresponsive during Preheat.
  • Fixed an issue in Bake where the maximum cook time could be selected while baking at higher temperatures.
  • Fixed an issue in Custom Cooks where the cook time on the Nav Bar would display off center.
  • Fixed an issue in Custom Cooks where the temperature on the Nav Bar would display in celsius instead of fahrenheit.
  • Fixed an issue in Custom Cooks where the temperature on the Nav Bar would display off center. 
  • Fixed a minor inconsistency with cook temperature while Celsius was toggled.
  • Fixed an occasional issue where a cook would be canceled while on the Pause screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the Network screen could be scrolled while searching for networks.
  • Fixed an occasional issue where the UI would crash after stopping a cook.


April 2020

New Oven Features:

  • Added a Time Based cook option to certain recipes.
    • Dev NoteThis new feature provides more flexibility to cook proteins with or without the TempSensor, depending on your preference. This includes cooking proteins that are too thin for the TempSensor.
    • This option is only available for the Chicken Breasts preset at the moment.
    • Choosing the Time Based cook option will cook the recipe for a set amount of time before completing.
    • Choosing Time Based will also not require the probe to cook the recipe.
    • Time Based cooks can also be adjusted by the Cook Slider to your own preference.
    • Note that you will not be able to choose a doneness option for Time Based Cooks, but you can still choose a Doneness option via using the TempSensor option.




  • Changed the Protein Thickness screen for Chicken Breasts.
    • Replaced the thickness slider with tappable options on the screen.
    • Added height ranges for the protein below the size options.
    • Added ounce ranges below the size options as well.
    • Moved the probe diagram to the left of the screen to visualize how tall each size should be.
      • Dev Note: We added this new design for thickness selection to improve performance and accommodate thin proteins. This will be available on Chicken Breasts at launch, with additional proteins to be added later.



  • Simplified the Food Placement cookflow for recipes that use two trays.
    • Combined the Top and Bottom tray screens into one screen.
    • Moved the Serving Size, Quantity, and Zones Filled options to the Food Placement screen.
    • The Tray at the top of the screen will display what you should put in the top shelf.
    • The Tray at the bottom of the screen will display what you should put in the bottom shelf.
    • Both trays will also show what ingredients to place on the trays.
    • This new screen has been added to all items on the Brava that use two trays. (Some examples are shown below.)
        • Dev Note: This new two tray design will be used to streamline recipes that use two trays, as well as unlock opportunities for new recipe options.



  • Added a “Racing Bravas” screensaver.
    • Users can change the screensaver in Settings -> Power -> Screen Saver.




  • Added a total cook time to the Clean Lamps utility.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where multiple blank Steps could appear in Custom Cooks when rapidly moving around the Steps of a Custom Cook.
  • Fixed an issue where the cook timer would display as 1-3m when selecting a Bake from Recents.
  • Fixed an issue where the Food Placement screen would be missing when creating a Custom cook that started with a Preheat step.
  • Fixed minor issues with the Download Progress bar in Settings.


March 2020

New Oven Features:

  • Added a download progress bar to Maintenance when manually downloading updates.


  • Added an Analog Clock Screensaver.
    • Users can change the screensaver in Settings -> Power -> Screen Saver.



February 2020


New Features:

  • Added a Clock screensaver.
    • The screen saver can be changed in Settings →  Power →  Screen Saver


  • Added Time Zones to Settings.
    • Selecting a timezone will adjust the Clock screensaver to the respective time zone.
    • The new “Time Zone” option can be found in Settings.



  • Added additional cook information to Recents.
    • Recents will now show the Date and Time of when each cook was completed.
    • Recents will also show how long each cook was as well.
    • An optional “Rate this item” option was added to each cook in Recents.
    • Manual mode cooks such as Bake, Reheat, Dehydrate, etc. will now also display in Recents



  • Selecting a step in a Multi-Step recipe or Custom Cook will now highlight the selected step.
    • Steps will also be highlighted when browsing through the steps using the left and right arrows on the timeline.




  • Removed the Measure Vegetable Height screen from all recipes.
  • Changed the text on the Summary screen from “Disconnected” to “Not Connected” when attempting to cook a recipe that uses the TempSensor while the TempSensor is not connected.
  • Changed the text for the “Recipe failed to load” error to be more helpful.
  • Adjusted the Preheat times for Custom Cook to be more accurate.
  • Reduced the maximum bake time from 24 hours to 12 hours.
  • Added additional legal documents and changes in Settings.
  • The cook time for Multi-Step recipes will now display before beginning the recipe.
  • Reduced the maximum time for the Utility timer to 10 hours.
  • Added a warning dialogue to Bake when disabling Preheat.
  • Preheat will now pause and display a warning popup if preheating is taking an abnormal amount of time. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed several instances where the user could encounter the “Recipe failed to load” error.
  • Fixed an issue where the Cook Slider adjustment for a Custom Cook would not be retained after completing the cook.
  • Fixed an issue where the Add Step button would not reset to the top of the screen after deleting all steps in a Custom Cook.
  • Fixed an issue where the +30s button was missing from Air Fry after completing an Air Fry cook.
  • Fixed an occasional issue where an error would display when attempting to Touch Up a Recipe that used the Egg Tray.
  • Fixed an issue where an error would display when attempting to cook a favorited Custom Cook that had no Cook Steps.
  • Fixed an issue where the Pause screen would obstruct the Timeline for Custom Cook / Multi Step recipes.
  • Fixed an issue in Custom Cooks where the user was returned to the Custom Cook Steps list after backing out of a recipe.
  • Fixed an issue where the Utility Timer would overlap the total time on the Timeline for Custom Cooks.
  • Fixed an issue where the Utility Timer would overlap the keyboard in various scenarios in Custom Cooks.
  • Fixed an occasional issue where the Shelf Detection warning would not be dismissed initially after interacting with the Brava.
  • Fixed an issue in Pro Cook where the user could run a cook with 0% power on all lamps.
  • Fixed an issue in Pro Cook where the user could run a cook with the probe disconnected from the Brava after enabling the probe in the UI.
  • Fixed an issue in Recents where previous Custom Cooks images would not update after changing the image via Web or App.
  • Fixed an issue where the user would be returned to the Custom Cook screen after canceling the addition of a Pause step.
  • Fixed an issue where Preheat times were inconsistent with Bake Preheat and Custom Cook Preheat.
  • Fixed an issue where the cook progress bar would not match the actual cook time when using the cook slider for some multi step recipes.
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