Cooking with Spices and Marinades in Brava

It is easy to cook with spices and marinades in Brava! There are just a couple of rules of the road to keep in mind.

  1. When cooking with a marinade or spice blend that does not contain sugar, use the regular recipe program. For example, if you added some lemon pepper and garlic powder to chicken drumsticks you should cook them on the “Chicken Drumsticks” recipe program. 
  2. When cooking with a dry rub or marinade that does contain sugar or honey (if you purchased a marinade or dry rub make sure to check the ingredients list! Sugar is often one of the main ingredients in pre-made marinades and dry rubs) select the cook recipe program that says “with dry rub” or “with marinade”.
    • For instance, if you were cooking some chicken drumsticks that were marinated in BBQ sauce, you should cook them on the “Chicken Drumsticks with Marinade” recipe program. Marinade/dry rub options are available for protein cuts that are commonly marinaded. Brava will continue to be updated with new marinade/dry rub options. 
  3. Feel free to add a marinade or spice blend to any vegetables you cook in Brava. They will cook well using the regular recipe program.
  4. If you are cooking proteins or vegetables using a marinade, make sure to shake off the excess and pat them dry (proteins only) before placing them on the tray. This will prevent any possible burning.

 Click Here for examples of some rubs that our Brava Chefs love. So what are you waiting for? Spice it up!

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