The Versatility of Brava Combos

Each Brava combo can easily be transformed into a wide variety of dishes! Here are some suggestions for how you can do so: 

Add a sauce

Transform any Brava combo by adding a sauce after cooking. 

For instance, the shrimp and broccoli combo can be transformed into teriyaki shrimp with broccoli by adding a sauce - simply toss the shrimp with some teriyaki sauce after cooking. Here are just a few examples of custom cooks I created by adding a sauce and transforming a basic combo into something unique and special: 

Add a spice blend or marinade to your protein 

The second way to transform a combo would be by adding a spice blend or marinade to the protein before cooking. The same combo mentioned above could easily be turned into spicy garlic shrimp with broccoli by adding some spices and aromatics. Simply toss the shrimp with some chopped garlic, red pepper flakes, salt & pepper and olive oil before cooking. 

  • Add the sauce after cooking the combo in Brava.
  • Add any spices or aromatics before cooking the combo in Brava. 
  • Do not cook a combo with a spice blend or marinade that contains sugar (if you purchased a marinade or dry rub make sure to check the ingredients list! Sugar or honey is often one of the main ingredients in prepared marinades and dry rubs). If you want to cook with sugary marinades and spice blends you should cook the protein separately by selecting the recipe program that says “with dry rub” or “with marinade”.

Serve over a starch or vegetable

Another easy way to round out a meal using a Brava combo would be to serve it over rice, pasta, noodles, zoodles (aka zucchini noodles), etc. For instance, in the above example, you could serve the teriyaki shrimp and broccoli over rice. This way the rice can absorb the sauce and you can have a complete meal in a snap. 

Combine with other ingredients to make salads, sandwiches and more!

Finally, feel free to add additional ingredients to round out your dish! The Brava combo can be the base of your dish, and you can add additional ingredients to take your dish to the next level. For example, the chicken breasts and butternut squash combo could be transformed into a delicious salad. Chop up the cooked chicken and toss it with the butternut squash, salad greens, a vegetable (ex. chopped tomatoes or cucumbers), any nuts or seeds you have on hand and your favorite dressing. It’s that easy!

So feel free to get creative here! There are infinite ways to transform each and every Brava combo. For more inspiration, you can check out 27 riffs on Brava combos here. And don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions on the Brava Home Community on Facebook or by emailing us at


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