Brava vs. Traditional Ovens

What Makes Brava Different?

Brava differs from a traditional oven in one important way: it's the heating elements – the lamps. Brava’s lamps are the secret to our patented Pure Light Technology®, delivering intense yet variable power. Brava also has a proprietary (patent pending) power control system which gives the Brava chefs a high degree of control in applying that lamp power when creating recipe programs and cook modes. 

How do the Lamps Work?

They deliver energy at various power levels and can change within milliseconds. The lamps heat the food or trays directly rather than heating the chamber or air (as a traditional oven would). It is a more efficient process of transferring heat. We can turn the power up for searing a steak or turn it down for gentle items like an over-easy egg. Brava lamps can reach 90% of their power output in 2 seconds (!!!) and can cool down to 20% in 15 seconds! This allows Brava chefs to cook in ways that aren’t possible in an oven, where those heating elements do not get as hot and are not able to change heat output as quickly. 


  1. When searing from the bottom in Brava, we use conduction from the metal tray to cook the food as a frying pan would. In this instance, the lamps are transferring heat into the metal tray which then directs into the food. The Brava lamps heat more than would be possible in a traditional oven which is why Brava is able to sear.
  2. When baking, Brava cycles the lamps at unique frequencies and power levels to mimic the heat output from baking in a traditional oven. Brava adjusts the lamps’ power levels to increase the baking temperature just like increasing the baking temperature in a traditional oven. Bake mode is the only Brava program that offers a preheat option, so you can follow the steps in a conventional recipe as written.

Brava’s lamps allow it to cook with much more heat and precision than a traditional oven, but it can replicate a traditional oven when needed. So, this is how Brava makes cooking at home easier, faster, and tastier than ever before!

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