Brava Glass Cleaning Guide

Below is a Cleaning Guide for the Brava Glass, click here for the Solid Door Cleaning Guide.

Cleaning the Glass Door

Recommended Tools

  • Non-toxic wipes, such as Seventh Generation wipes
  • Non-toxic spray, paper towel or microfiber cloth
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning products like steel wool or harsh chemicals like Easy-Off

How to Clean

  • For best results, gently wipe the inside of your brava glass door after each cook.  This ensures you maintain a clear view of your food items cooking inside and helps avoid any grease build-up. 
  • Use a gentle circular wiping motion when cleaning the inside of the glass door.  Do not push down onto the inside of the glass door while cleaning.  
  • We do not recommend spraying directly onto the glass door.  Instead, spray into the cloth or paper towel to dampen it, then gently wipe down the outside and inside glass surfaces to remove fingerprints or any cooking residue. 

Cleaning the Chamber

  • We recommend wiping down the Brava after each use.  A regular wipe down goes a long way towards keeping the Brava clean and avoiding grease build-up.
  • Use a damp cloth or towel but do not spray or allow a lot of water to gather in the chamber. 
  • Cleaners recommended include - soap and a wet cloth, a Seventh Generation spray, or a Seventh Generation cleaning wipe.

Deep Cleaning the Chamber

  • Astonish oven cleaner is the most effective at cleaning the Brava.  It can be found on
  • Bar Keepers Friend (liquid form) is also a good cleaner.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning products like steel wool or harsh chemicals like Easy-Off in the Brava chamber or on the camera glass.
  • Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe off any residue.
  • Be careful around the lamps and DO NOT put cleaning supplies on the lamps.

Cleaning the Crumb Tray

There is a crumb tray that slides out from under your Brava!  You can easily slide it out to remove crumbs and residue from toasting and baking. We recommend you clean your Crumb tray every couple of cooks to make sure there is no grease build up, or a gathering of large particles. 

Cleaning the Lamps

  • The lamps clean themselves every time they turn on during a cook program. So, you never want to touch them or manually clean them. There is no need to regularly run the Clean Lamp feature we have. To see when to use this feature, see the next bullet.
  • If something falls onto your lamps and you want to burn it off, you can use the Clean Lamp feature: Go to Settings --> Utilities --> Clean Lamps. 
    • Before cleaning the lamps, remove the crumb tray, clean it, and put it back
    • Smoke may emit when you clean the lamps.
  • Note: Our Clean Lamps cycle cleans the lamps only, not the Brava chamber. The Clean Lamp feature puts each of the 6 lamps to full power for 1 minute each. They get extremely hot to burn off anything that may have fallen on them.  

Cleaning the Camera

  • Take a towel, rag, or a folded paper towel and gently wipe the camera glass after each cook to ensure a clear image of your food.
  • The camera can be found in the Brava chamber directly beneath the middle of the touchscreen.
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