Using the Wireless TempSensor

The Wireless TempSensor connects to Brava via Bluetooth.  Recipes requiring a TempSensor give users the option to use either the Brava original wired TempSensor or the wireless TempSensor.

Wireless TempSensor Dos and Don'ts


  • After each use, dock the TempSensor and press the button on the charging dock to ensure it's charged for your next use.


  • Put a hot TempSensor in cold water.
  • Leave a hot TempSensor on a hot metal tray.

Before Using the Wireless TempSensor for the First Time

  • Insert 2 AA batteries (included) into the charger and place the TempSensor in the charger. Click the button on the charger to start charging.  The green light on the charger stays lit while charging.  The TempSensor should be partially charged at the factory.  But it is recommended to charge the TempSensor for at least 30 minutes before use.

  • Use a slightly damp cloth to thoroughly wipe the TempSenor.
  • IMPORTANT:  Check your Brava is on the latest software. 

Using the Wireless TempSensor for the First Time

Pairing or Connecting the Wireless TempSensor to Brava

Once you select a recipe that requires the TempSensor, the Brava screen will guide you through the pairing process to connect the Wireless TempSensor to your Brava. 

  • Select a recipe that requires the TempSensor, follow the setup steps on the screen below.  Tap on the Connect button under the Use Wireless TempSensor option.  Keep the TempSensor docked in the charger.


  • Click on the button on the charger to activate pairing.   The pairing could take up to 60 seconds.


  • When below screen comes on, take the Wireless TempSensor out of the charger. 

Recipe with TempSensor - Wireless TempSensor Connecting New.png

  • Once the Brava screen indicates the Wireless TempSensor is connected to the Brava, you can insert the TempSensor into your protein.

Cook Protein -_ Select Doneness Well Done.png



An alternative way to pair your Wireless TempSensor to Brava for the first time is to click on the Bluetooth icon images.png on the upper right corner of the home screen.  Follow the onscreen instructions.  When the below screen appears, tap on Ready to Pair.



Cooking with the Wireless TempSensor

  • Insert the entire probe horizontally into the middle and/or thickest part of the protein; make sure the probe is parallel to the tray and not angled toward the lamps or touching the tray.  Do not leave any part of the metal probe exposed to avoid heat damage.  
  • Just like the original wired TempSensor, you can monitor the protein temperature on the Brava screen or on the Brava app.
  • Once the cook is complete, use a piece of damp paper towel or other protection to pull the wireless TempSensor out of the protein.  The handle is HOT.
WARNING: Do not put plunge the probe in cold water while it is still hot.  The sudden temperature change may damage the sensors.

Using the Wireless TempSensor on Subsequent Cooks

The TempSensor stays paired with the Brava after the initial pairing.  There are 2 ways to wake the TempSensor.  The first method is faster.

Method 1. Go to the Brava home screen.  Make sure the TempSensor is docked in the charger. Press the button on the charger, then remove the TempSensor from the charger.  Within a few seconds the TempSensor is awakened and ready for use.

Method 2. Go the recipe you are using, navigate to the TempSensor connection screen, click on Connect under the Use Wireless TempSensor.  With the TempSensor docked in the charger, press the button on the charger, then remove the TempSensor and wait for confirmation the TempSensor is connected.

After Using the Wireless TempSensor


  • Let the Wireless TempSensor cool down before cleaning it.
  • Clean the Wireless TempSensor using a sponge, soap, and warm running water. Do not use anything abrasive to scrub the black ceramic handle.  Do not soak the TempSensor in water and do not wash it in the dishwashers.


  • Store the Wireless TempSensor in the charger.  Make sure it is clean and dry before docking.
  • Before putting it away, press the button on the charger to initiate charging.

Warning Messages During Cooks

Due to the intense heat of the lamps, it is important the electronic sensors on the TempSensor are shielded from the heat as much as possible.

Your Brava may pause during a cook when certain part of the TempSensor gets too hot.  The warning message will provide information on adjustment needed to ensure the TempSensor does not get damaged.  Once the adjustment has been made, push the green cook button to continue the cook.  There is no need to start the cook over.



Ensure the black handle is not touching the tray or directly under the lamps in the middle of the tray.



Check the ensure the probe needle is inserted all the way into the protein.

image003 (1).png


The probe may be inserted at an angle, causing the tip of the probe to touch the tray.  Reinsert the probe horizontally, parallel to the tray.



Remove the Wireless TempSensor from the hot metal tray and put it on a room temp surface to cool down.


LED Light on the Charger

green Solid Green: AA batteries are OK / charging (TempSensor is in the charger)

solid Solid Red: AA batteries are low

flashing Flashing Red 5 times: No TempSensor detected

Brava Screen Icons

images.png Seen on the upper right corner of the main screen.  Indicates Brava is ready to pair or the Wireless TempSensor is paired but asleep.  If you have previously paired the Wireless TempSensor, simply press the button on the charger with the TempSensor docked to wake it up (reconnect).  The Bluetooth indicator should turn to connected.png once connected.

connected.png Seen on the upper right corner of the main screen.  Indicates Brava is connected to the Wireless TempSensor.

2023-07-25_14-33-33.png Seen while setting up the Wireless TempSensor when using a recipe.  The battery image indicates the amount of charge for the Wireless TempSensor.  The image shown here indicates the TempSensor is fully charged.





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