Can I Use Aluminum Foil in the Brava?

The Brava works exceptionally well, as it's designed. Our Brava chefs have designed every single one of the 7500+ cook programs in the Brava to work perfectly. Each of the cook programs will tell you exactly which tray to use, how to prepare the food, and also which shelf to place the tray on.

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If any of the 7500+ cook programs ask you to use foil, then we recommend you use it. The recipe programs are designed to work very well with the exact instructions being followed. In some cases, the addition of foil can reduce the sear that is applied to the bottom of a protein, especially if the cook program DOESN'T ask for it.

However, you can definitely use aluminum foil if you want to; there is no danger. The cook results could be a little different than how the chefs may have designed the program. 

  • Aluminum foil is okay while using Bake, just like a conventional oven.
  • Never place foil or parchment paper in the Brava while the Bake feature is rapidly preheating.  
  • However, for any of the 7500+ cook programs, aluminum foil is safe to use though not recommended as it may impact the result.

To guarantee the exact results that the cooks are designed to give, we recommend using the tray and preparing the items on the tray as instructed by the Brava Cook program instructions. 

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