The Tutorial: Making the Most of Your Brava

The Brava is easy to use; but like any new technology, there is a bit of a learning curve.  Once you know the basics, your next delicious meal is only a button push away!

We offer a free and live video tutorial for new customers to learn the basics of cooking with the Brava. The tutorial is in a small group setting (less than 5 people). You will have many opportunities to ask questions.

To sign up, please choose the date that works best for you.  Click on the option below and register for the date that best meets your availability: 

Instructions to join the Brava Tutorial

For basic instructions on how to set up your smart device or computer for the Brava Tutorial, please click on this link: Instructions on Joining the Brava Tutorial

NOTE: To get the most out of this tutorial session, it would be helpful to have your Brava already set up and the Brava app downloaded onto a smart device. See the videos below for help setting up your Brava and the Brava Home app.

Setting up Your Brava


Setting up Your Brava Mobile App


For Apple Users: Download "Brava" iOS app from the Apple Application Store 

For Android Users: Download "Brava" app from the Google Play Store 


Unable to join the live Brava Tutorial? Watch our recorded Tutorial!

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