Resetting Your Brava to Factory Settings

Like other smart devices, the computer in the Brava may experience glitches from time to time.  The symptoms may include:

  • The cook button does not turn green for you to start a cook
  • Sluggish touch screen
  • Camera on the screen is blank
  • Recipe loading error
  • Brava does not boot up properly (screen is frozen or blank, but cook button is lit)

These issues can usually be resolved by resetting your Brava.  Below are a few ways to reset your Brava, in order of complexity. 

Power Cycle

Unplug your Brava, wait for 30 seconds, then plug the Brava back in.  Power cycle reboots the electronics in your Brava and often times resolves the glitches.  However, if the same glitches happen repeatedly, perform Erase Data and Settings.

Erase Data and Settings

Erase Data and Settings restores your Brava to factory setting.  This option, of course, is not available if your Brava screen is still blank or frozen.

Your Brava will be put back in the state it was when it was unboxed.  All of your preferences, recent cooks, and custom cooks will be restored once you re-connect your Brava to WiFi and sign in to your Brava account.

To reset your Brava to the factory default settings, please follow the instructions below: 

Resetting_Your_Brava_to_Factory_Settings.png 1. From the home screen, swipe to the left with your finger so you see the Settings option 


2. Click on About this Brava  


3. Click on Erase Data and Settings. 

4. Follow the on screen prompts to restart the Brava and connect to your WiFi network.  To restore your favorited recipes and personal settings, be sure to sign into your Brava account - go to Settings - Brava Account.  

Recovery Mode

If power cycle and Erase Data and Settings do not resolve your issue, there is a last resort recovery process known as Recovery Mode.  Please contact the Brava Customer Success team at to determining if running the Recovery Mode is the best option.

NOTE: Avoid initiating Recovery Mode unless you are specifically instructed to do so by Brava Customer Success. Unnecessary use of the recovery mode can cause extra wear on the electronics in your Brava.


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