The Toast function is just like your toaster or toaster oven except we’ll toast to your preferred doneness level every time.

How to Use the Toast Function: Step-by-Step 


First, pick what type of bread you want to toast. 

For best results, use fresher bread that has not dried out.


Select how many zones of toast you want to make, and place bread on the Metal Tray. 

Do not have your pieces of bread overlap on the tray.


Select level of browning you would like for your toast. 

If you have bread that's older/dryer, use a lower setting as they brown faster.


Slide the Metal Tray onto the top or bottom shelf per instruction.

Tip: Click the icon on the top right corner to see instructions and pictures of the type of bread you are toasting.


When you click the top right icon, you will see this screen. This will ensure that you are following the correct instructions before you start your toast.


Review your preferences before you begin. Press the green button on the right of your Brava (not on screen) to begin your toast.

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