Can I Use Non-Brava Cookware?

Brava’s cooking technology is uniquely powerful and precise, and we have designed and rigorously tested all Brava cookware for full compatibility with this cooking technology.

We have not done this level of testing on third-party cookware (and there are so many different variations out there that it’s really not possible to test them all!), so if you use third-party cookware, there is always some level of risk involved.  For example, cookware could shatter, warp or melt, which could pose various dangers to you. That said, we understand the realities of cooking, so we have worked with our culinary and engineering teams to provide more detail on the level of risk of different types of cookware, as follows.

1. The following are lower-risk types of third-party cookware materials.  They should generally be OK to use in all cooking modes. We have used these in our own homes from time to time.  But because they are made by third parties, with so many possible material variations, they have not been and cannot be subjected to the same rigorous tests as Brava's own cookware. As a result, we cannot guarantee performance or safety.

  • Cast iron, uncoated
  • Cast iron, enameled
  • Aluminum, non-disposable, uncoated
  • Aluminum, non-disposable, anodized
  • Aluminum, disposable
  • Aluminum foil

2. The following third-party cookware materials should generally be OK to use in bake mode only – and only after the preheat cycle is complete.  As above, we have used these in our own homes from time to time, but we cannot guarantee performance or safety.

  • Ceramic
  • Parchment paper

3. We do not believe the following third-party cookware materials are OK to use.

  • Glass
  • Silicone
  • Paper of any kind (other than parchment paper)
  • Metal with Teflon or another non-stick coating
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