What Do Chefs Think About the Brava?

In addition to the engineers who built the Brava, we have a diverse team of in-house chefs who helped design the cooking experience. From day one, they’ve been helping shape what the Brava is, both inside and out.  

Some of our chef's favorite features are the unparalleled sear on the fish skin (“Hands down the best fish I've ever eaten!”) and the ease and versatility of making personalized mini-frittatas for the whole family in the Brava Egg Tray. 

The TempSensor is an amazing tool and a chef's best friend. It provides an accurate reading of up to one tenth of a degree, leading to just the right levels of doneness for your proteins, and helping you to accurately measure their height for the best results every time.

Our Chefs love having the ability to cook three individual items at the same time, each to its own temperature within the Brava, when cooking meals for their families at home!  

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