Fish Substitution Suggestions

Making substitutions is one of the many fun parts of cooking with the Brava-we want you to have fun with it!

For any seafood option that does not have a Brava cook preset, you can use the table below as a guide for which program you can use to cook the specific fish that you have.

Simple Examples:

  1. If you wanted to cook Ocean Trout, you can use the Salmon Skinless Brava preset.
  2. If you wanted to cook Swordfish, you can use the Halibut or Cod Brava preset.
  3. If you wanted to cook Flounder, you can use the Tilapia Brava preset.
Advanced Examples:
  1. If you want to cook Ocean Trout and Asparagus, you can use the Skinless Salmon and Asparagus Brava preset. 
  2. If you want to cook Swordfish and Broccoli, you can use the Halibut and Broccoli Brava Preset.


Brava Preset Cook Program

Seafood Substitutions You Can Make  

Salmon Skinless

Salmon (all types)

Steelhead and Ocean Trout

Halibut or Cod

Most thicker White Fish

(ex. Swordfish and Grouper)


Most medium thickness White Fish 

(Ex. Mahi-Mahi)


 Most thin White Fish

(Ex. Flounder, Sole, etc.)


Don't see a fish that you like to cook? Reach out to us via and we can pass on your suggestion to the Brava Chefs.  

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