Can the Brava Feed a Whole Family?

We currently have over a hundred programmed recipes that cook using two trays at the same time, with more coming every week.  These two tray recipes can make portions to feed families of up to 4 people. We also have a number of one tray cooks that can feed families (e.g., spatchcocked chicken, braised short ribs, and more). 

For families of more than 4, think of the Brava as a Sous-Chef; cook one dish in the Brava, and other dishes outside of the Brava. Alternatively, many Brava customers do back-to-back cooks.  While one dish is cooking in the Brava, do the prep work for the next dish.  Because the Brava cooks fast, you can easily get two dishes completed in 20-30 minutes.

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