Create a Custom Cook Recipe by Modifying an Existing Recipe

One easy way to create your own Custom Cook recipe is to modify an existing Custom Cook recipe created by you or another Brava user. You can add new steps to the recipe or modify existing steps.  There is a lot of flexibility!

1. Make sure the recipe you're modifying is already download to your oven.

CC1SubMenu.png 2. Go to the Custom Cook tile on your Brava, locate the recipe you're modifying, then tap on the 3 dots on the upper right corner to open up the dropdown and select Copy to make a copy of the recipe.
CCcopy3__1_.png CCcopy.png
3. Click on the edit icon edit_button.png next to the recipe name to change the name of the recipe, click Done to save. 
CCcopy4.png 4. Scroll down the screen to get to Program. To add new steps, click on Add a Step. To modify or change the sequence of a step, simply tap on the step in question (Bake at 350F in our example).  Start Here: Selecting "Start Here" will start the recipe at the selected step.  Move Up / Move Down: Selecting move up / down will move the highlighted step up or down in the recipe.  Edit: Selecting Edit will let you modify the highlighted step (for example, change Bake at 350F to 400F). Click on the check mark on the upper right corner to save the changes made to the step.
5. Once all changes have been completed, click on the left arrow at the upper left corner to get back to the main Custom Cook screen. The newly created recipe will show up on the recipe list.
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