How to Purchase Brava Accessories

You can purchase Brava accessories (Metal and Glass Trays, Bakeware, Chef's Pans, the TempSensor, etc.) through the Brava Marketplace. There are two ways to access the marketplace: 


Sign-in to your Brava account, then click on "MARKETPLACE" at the top of the screen.
NOTE: If you're having trouble signing into the website or you do not remember your Brava account password, please use the "forgot password" option during the sign-in process to request a new password. Then, please sign-in with your new credentials.

2. The Brava App

After you sign-in to your Brava account on the Brava Home App, click on the shopping bag on the top right to access the Brava Marketplace. 

If you haven't downloaded the Brava Home App, click on the link that correlates to your device and download the app:

Google Play Store if you have an Android device

Apple App Store if you have an iOS device



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