Using the Brava App

Download the App

For Apple Users: Download "Brava" iOS app from the Apple App Store 

For Android Users: Download "Brava" app from the Google Play Store 

Connect the App to Your Brava

  • Sign-in to your Brava application using the same Brava Account used on your Brava. 
  • Check that your Brava and smart device are connected by going to settings on the app (the gear icon on the upper right) and under "Bravas", look for Brava Connected. 
  • Test connectivity between your Brava and the app by running a cook on your Brava to see if your cook pops up on your app screen. 
  • Your Brava must be connected to WiFi to enable connectivity with your Brava app.

Watching Your Meal Cook on Your App:

  • While running a cook on your Brava, you should see this yellow banner pop up on the bottom of your app screen. The banner will include the name of the ingredient or meal you are cooking and how much time the item has been cooking so far.
  • When you click on this yellow banner, you will see a full screen video of your cook. (This is a picture of an empty Brava during a cook).
  • The screen will include the time cooked so far and total time needed to complete the ingredient, and also show the air temperature within your Brava.
  • You can also pause your cook from your app, and when your cook finishes, it will alert you on your app with a finished cook screen.
Home.png Home Feed

Browse the Home Feed for recipe inspiration. Our collection of recipes grows every week, and you can find new recipes featured on our app. Be sure to check back frequently to find out what we're cooking at Brava and how you can cook it at home. 

"What's New" features our newly created recipes released each week. 

"Recipes to Try First" are recipes that our chefs recommend new users try first in their Bravas. 

"Tips & Tricks" are our Brava recommended tips to help you get started using your Brava.  

  • Brava Quick Start Guide
    • Click on this guide to find our chef created instructions for using your Brava. You will find advice on proper tray usage, protein preparation, tips about your TempSensor and TempSensor placement, ingredient placement, and power settings for your Brava. 
  • Getting Started Videos
    • Click on this guide to find individual videos on how to cook vegetables, proteins, basic combos, a whole chicken, and how to remove your TempSensor.
  • "Ask a Brava Chef" Videos
    • Click on this guide to meet our chefs and watch their videos answering frequently asked customer questions. 
  • Your Brava Shopping List
    • Click on this guide for a full list of ingredients that you can use in your Brava.
Search__Black_.png Search Icon

This icon, located on the top left corner of your Brava app, allows you to search all our recipes and ingredients for what you are looking for. 

  • We have advanced search options which show up when you click the search icon above. 
  • These search options are constantly updated to best accommodate your individual cooking preferences.
Marketplace.png Marketplace

Order Brava Ingredients from our Marketplace. We've sourced some of the hardest to find, premium ingredients out there to make them available to you. You can also purchase your Brava accessories, trays, and TempSensors on this section of the app. All of your orders will seamlessly ship to your house based on the address associated with your account!

When you click on the Cart__Black_.png  icon in the top right corner of your app, you will find items you have added to your shopping cart. You can then proceed to checkout under this icon. 

li69paEQ.png Favorites

This icon on your app collects all of your favorited recipes in one place for easy finding.

  • When you click the Favorite_Icon.png icon on the right of each recipe featured on the Brava app, the recipe will automatically sort itself under your favorites section on your app and on your Brava. 
  • When you click the Send_to_Oven_Icon.png icon on the right of each recipe featured on the Brava app, that recipe will automatically send itself to your Brava, so the recipe and follow-along instructions are ready to go on your Brava screen. 
My_Brava.png My Account

Under this icon, you will find all of your account details. You can see if your Brava is connected under this icon, look at your order history, and find your cook history.  

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