Metal Tray vs Glass Tray

Here are some basics about the Brava Metal and Glass Trays:

Metal Tray: 

  • The Metal Tray conducts heat and can get very hot, like a frying pan. Since the Metal Tray doesn't let light pass through, it absorbs most of the heat energy coming off the Infrared light.
  • The Metal Tray acts like a skillet and also tends to cook much faster because of its ability to absorb more heat from the lamps. 
  • With the Metal Tray, you can get a sear on the bottom of proteins, proper toast on the bottom of vegetables and bread, etc.
  • If you want to get your food brown or crispy, or heat up fast, then use the Metal Tray.

Glass Tray:

  • The Glass Tray is frequently used to cook fish and vegetables.
  • The Glass Tray cooks more gently compared to the Metal Tray, and is more suitable for food with higher liquid content.
  • It is designed to allow for a more delicate cook to the foods. It can still cook and allow for a sear but it isn't as effective as the Metal Tray.

As you pick the meals, combos or individual ingredients on the Brava to cook, the instructions on the Brava will guide you and tell you which tray to use. 

When using Reheat, use the Metal Tray if you want to maintain a level of crispiness, such as pizza.  Use the Glass Tray if you don't want to further brown the food, for example, roasted veggies. 



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