Setting Up the Brava


1. Plug in your Brava

  • Place your Brava on your countertop.
  • Ensure there are at least 4 inches of spacing on all sides from any wall.
  • Connect the Brava to a 20-amp circuit (Note: do not run other appliances on the same circuit when your Brava is running).


2. Connect to Wifi

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to connect the Brava to your home WiFi.
  • WiFi is needed for initial and on-going updates. New recipes are released each week and new enhancements are added on a regular basis.


3. Sign-in to Your Brava Account

  • Sign-in to your Brava using the email address and password you set up when you placed your order.

  • Alternatively, you can create a new account by clicking on Create Account.

  • Connecting your account to the Brava allows you to connect your unit to the Brava app.


4. Update your Brava Software

  • Your Brava will automatically check for the latest software update and install it onto your Brava.


For Step 5, you'll need to download the Brava Home application to your mobile device.

Download the App

For Apple Users: Download the "Brava Home" iOS app from the Apple App Store 

For Android Users: Download the "Brava Home" app from the Google Play Store 


5. Connect the Brava Home App to your Brava



  • The app allows you to watch your food cook on your smart device.  You can also view recipes, favorite them, or send recipes to your Brava.

  • Download the app onto your smart device. Click here for the download link.

  • Sign-in to your app with the same credentials used to sign-in to the Brava.

  • Confirm the smart device and Brava are connected.

    • Click on My Account button on the lower right corner.

    • Verify the Brava is showing "Connected".


Now, you're ready to start your first cook!

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