What is Custom Cook?


The Custom Cook function is our most customizable function on the Brava. You can combine a multitude of Brava functions to create your own, personalized recipe. Then, you can save this recipe for easy access later. You can also customize any Brava created preset recipes using Custom Cook.  These recipes are shareable with other Brava users. 

There are several ways to create a Custom Cook.

  • The easiest way to create a Custom Cook is by adding steps to an existing Brava preset recipe. For example, if you like your pizza with extra crunchy crust, you can add a Sear step at the end of any Brava pizza cook.
  • Modifying a Custom Cook recipe created by another user and make it your own.
  • Creating a recipe from scratch. You can combine any Brava preset recipe and cook functions (Sear, Bake, Slow Cook, etc.).
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