What Is Pure Light Cooking™ Technology?

Pure Light Cooking™ relies primarily on infrared energy, a mix of visible and non-visible light, to cook food quickly. Unlike a typical convection oven, which slowly heats air to one temperature, cooking with Pure Light allows you to dynamically transfer energy directly to your food, resulting in faster, more precise cooking. Our lamps reach full power, the equivalent of your oven reaching 500 degrees, in under one second, practically eliminating the need to preheat.

Our groundbreaking technology allows for variable infrared wavelength control, which enables us to pulse long and short wavelengths of light that are both visible and invisible. The frequency of the pulse can be changed within a second, and wavelengths can be adjusted in roughly 3 seconds. This level of control produces results that are not possible in your traditional oven.

Utilizing our uniquely designed Pure Light lamps, the Brava cooks entire meals with less energy than it takes to preheat a traditional oven, while allowing for multi-zone capabilities to cook different foods at their individual temperatures, simultaneously. 

These lamps make up the core of our technology and were designed specifically for culinary use bringing Pure Light Cooking™ into the home for the first time.

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