Personalizing Your Brava

Your Brava is a smart device.  There are a number of ways to personalize it to make it your own.  

Re-Organize Tiles


Like organizing apps on your smartphone, you can re-arrange the tiles on the Brava screen.  Simply press down on the tile you wish to move ("Sear" in the image above) until the left and right arrows appear.  Drag the tile to the desired position.

Dietary Preference

You can hide certain recipes based on your dietary preference.  Go to Settings > Personalization > Dietary Preference.  Use the on/off toggle to select recipes to display under the Cook button.  

  • Choose recipes to display on the Brava based on dietary preference, such as Vegetarian, Keto, etc.
  • Hide selected ingredients (e.g., Seafood, Beef) from displaying on the Brava.
Please note if you choose Paleo or Keto diet, the Toast function will no longer be available to you.

dietary_preference.png Settings_-__Dietary_Preferences.jpg

Screen Saver

Brava has created fun screen saver options for you to choose from.  Go to Settings > Personalization > Screen Saver to select yours. 


Set Your Brava to Sleep

You can set idle time duration before your Brava screen goes to sleep (dark screen or screen saver).  Go to Settings > Personalization > Screen Saver > Set Idle Time > Now

Change the Ring Color

When a cook completes, your Brava will  "ding" six times to alert you. Then, the Brava will provide you gentle reminders every 30 secondto the right of your Brava screen is green when the Brava is cooking.  By default, the ring color is white when the Brava is idle.  You can change the idle color from white to one of six other colors ( Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue or Purple). Just go to Settings > Personalization > Button Colors

mceclip1.png Settings_-__Button_Color.jpg


Cook Complete Alert Sound

When a cook completes, your Brava will  "ding" six times to alert you. Then, the Brava will provide you gentle reminders every 30 seconds with a "ding".
You may stop the continuous 'dinging' reminder in by going to Settings > Personalization > Sounds > Intermittent Cook Complete Alert.


There are 3 ways to stop the "ding" reminder sound after a completed cook:

  • Tap the touchscreen
  • Open the Brava door
  • Press the Cook button
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