The Brava has several utilities that may be utilized at any point for different situations. You can navigate to most of these by going to the Settings tile on your Brava, then tapping "Utilities".


The Brava has a Timer function that may be used as a regular timer without the Brava operating a cook. You can find the Timer by swiping left on your Home Screen to get to the last page. Here you will find the Timer tile. Set the time you would like and the Brava will notify you when the timer has run out.

Temperature Readings

You can check the temperature of an ingredient pre or post cook by using the Temperature Readings utility. Insert the probe into your ingredient then connect the TempSensor to the inside connector and the Brava will tell you the temperature the TempSensor is reading. You can navigate to Temperature Readings by going to Settings->Utilities->Temperature Readings.

Cleaning Guide

The Brava does include a overview of general best-cleaning practices. You can access this by going to Settings->Utilities->Cleaning Guide. It will go over general cleaning as well as TempSensor cleaning practices. For more detailed information and recommendations for keeping your Brava clean, you can refer to Keeping Your Brava Clean.

Instructional Videos

The instructional videos are there to remind users the proper steps for using the TempSensor, including how to properly connect the TempSensor, how to use the TempSensor to measure protein thickness, and the proper method for inserting the TempSensor. To navigate to the Instructional Videos on your Brava go to Settings->Utilities->Instructional Videos You can find more instructional videos about other Brava components by scrolling down to the "Instructional Videos" section on the Support home page here.

Clean Lamps

You can navigate to the Clean Lamps utility by going to Settings->Utilities->Clean Lamps. Follow the on-screen prompts to start the cycle. Please note, the lamps are self-cleaning whenever they are in use due to the heat emitted. The Clean Lamps cycle is a 6 minute cycle that will rotate operating each lamp at full capacity for 30 seconds, twice. The Clean Lamps utility is a useful function in determining if a lamp may be burnt out should you start to experience uneven cooking results and does not need to be used often. If you are concerned one or more of your lamps may be out please contact Brava's Customer Success by sending an email to hello@brava.com.




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