What Materials Are Used in the Brava?

The Brava is built using the same materials you’ll find in other high-end appliances. Through and through, the Brava is designed to look and perform great in your kitchen for many years of use.

  • Exterior Shell: Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum similar to the cases on high-end laptops.
  • Interior Chamber: Stainless steel.
  • Lamps: Custom-developed light bulbs that most closely resemble everyday incandescent or halogen bulbs, with filaments protected by exceptionally thick optical-grade quartz.
  • Touch-Panel and Display: Shielded by impact-resistant glass similar to the glass covering leading smartphones.
  • Black Mat at the Top of the Brava: Custom-made from heat-resistant silicone that can serve as a temporary resting spot for hot trays coming out of the Brava.




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