Smoke From the Brava

A very light amount of smoke may occasionally be observed during long sears, just like you might see when searing in a frying pan. Another reason that smoke may be generated is that oils from food can land on the tray or splash onto the lamps. These oils will be vaporized and turned into small amounts of smoke. This is very similar to the smoke that would be generated in a conventional oven while broiling. Neither of these experiences should be a cause for concern.

Please be mindful that sometimes food can generate steam. When steam exits the Brava it re-condenses and looks a lot like smoke. Because of the power of Pure Light Cooking™ and Brava's ability to isolate zones, steam may be released from the Brava.

If you begin to notice that your Brava is emitting thick amounts of smoke, please pause the recipe and verify that the ingredients are placed in the correct zones and are not touching the lamps. If smoke persists, please contact Customer Success.

Chef Tips: To avoid burning and smoke, it's best to enter protein heights accurately, to fill zones as directed, and to avoid using oversized ingredients that are very close to touching the lamps. Additionally, please make sure to keep your Brava clean by wiping it down between cooks (see tips on Keeping Your Brava clean). Clean the crumb tray regularly.

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