The Sear function is similar to broil on your conventional oven. But in the Brava, there is no preheat required.

Sear enables an intense heat that can achieve results like melting cheese, crisping skins, browning/ crusting steaks and more.

Any food can be cooked with Sear in the Brava.  When cooking foods on Sear, make sure to keep an eye on them as different food require different amount of time.

How to Use the Sear Function: Step-by-Step


You will see this warning when you click the Sear icon on your Brava

Use only Brava trays on the sear function to ensure safe cooking


First, select how many zones you would like your Brava to sear.

Each zone selected should be equally filled with the ingredient you are searing.


Next, pick if you want a top sear, bottom sear, or both top & bottom sear. 

A top & bottom sear will split the sear time evenly between the top lamps and the bottom lamps.

You should sear the side that you want crispier and more browned. 


For a top sear, we recommend one minute for thicker ingredients (1.5"-2") as a starting point. For thinner ingredients, we recommend two minutes to start.

For a bottom sear, we recommend two minutes as a starting point, regardless of height.


If you select bottom sear, put your tray on the bottom shelf.

If you select top sear, put your tray on the top shelf.

A metal tray sears best, and the bottom shelf with a bottom sear is recommended for best, strongest searing results.


Last, you will see a review screen that will show you your selected preferences for amount of zones, top or bottom sear, and the selected sear time. 

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