Create a Custom Cook from Scratch


Below is an example with step-by-step instructions on creating a Custom Cook from scratch and using Brava cook functions.  In this example, we are creating a simple "Cookies" Custom Cook where we first preheat the oven to 350F, then bake the cookies for 20 minutes.

Building the Recipe - Step-by-Step

CC1.png CC2.png
 1. Click on the Custom Cook tile on the 2nd page of the Brava main screen to access the Custom Cook function. 2. Tap on New Custom Cook to create a new custom recipe.Note: any custom cooks you save will show up on this screen.
cc3.png cc4.png
3. To begin, name your Custom Cook. For instance, “Cookies.” Then tap on the blue “Done.” button. 4. This is the main Custom Cook setup screen. Guide Instructions is where you will add your recipe instructions. We recommend saving this step for last. First, select the tray type for your recipe and the corresponding shelf by clicking on Top: Unused or Bottom: Unused.
cc6.png ccx1.png
5. If you are using the top shelf, click on Top: Unused, then select the cookware you are using for your recipe. Our Cookies recipe uses the Metal Tray. 6. Tap on the 2nd icon on the bottom of the screen to get to the ingredient placement page.Note: depending on the type of tray you select, you will see different placement options.
cc9.png cc8.png
7. Tap on the zone where you want to add the ingredient, then type in the name of the ingredient. For the Cookie recipe, we tap on Zone 2 and add "Cookie Dough". 8. Tap on any other zone and repeat Step 7 as needed. Once all ingredients have been added to the tray, click on the check mark on the upper right corner to save.Note: if you need to change an ingredient name, just click on the ingredient and the keyboard will popup to edit the name.
c1.png c2.png
9. Back to the Custom Cook home screen, tap on Bottom: Unused if your recipe uses the bottom shelf and repeat Steps 6-8 to add ingredients to the tray. Skip if bottom shelf is not needed.  Note: only the Metal, Glass and Egg trays can fit into the bottom shelf.
c3.png c5.png
10. Now you are ready to add cooking steps to your recipe. On the Custom Cook home screen, scroll down below Program, and tap on + Add a Step. Choose your first step. You can select a Brava preset recipe or choose any of the manual cook functions. For our cookies, we will select “Preheat”.
c6.png preheat2.png
11. Select the temperature you would like to preheat the Brava chamber to; then select the check mark in the upper right corner to save this step. Preheat will now show up under Program as the first step.
c4.png c8.png
12. For our Cookies recipe, the next step is to Bake at 350F for 20 minutes.  So we'll select Bake. 13. Select the temperature first, then tap on the clock icon on the bottom to set the bake time, then click on the check mark on the upper right hand corner to save this step.
c10.png pause.png
14. The bake step will now show up as step 2 under Program.  You can continue to add more steps; for example, add a “Pause” step if the recipe calls for removing a tray, flipping, changing a tray, stirring, or even adding additional ingredients to your recipe.
pause2.png pause3.png
15. After tapping Pause, you are given the option to enter instructions for the pause step such as removing a tray, adding a tray, adding additional ingredients etc. You may want to number each step, too. Hit the Done button to save the instructions.
pause_added.png 2nd_Bake.png
16. After a Pause step, you can add any other step as needed. When cooking the recipe, once you complete a Pause step, simply press the green cook button to advance to the next step of the recipe.
guide_instruction.png Guide_Instruction2.png
17. Once all the cooking steps have been added, it’s time to fill in the Guide Instructions
Tap Guide Instructions to fill out the recipe details such as the intro to the recipe, a list of ingredients, and the step-by-steps instructions for the recipe. Click “Done” and then “Close” in order to save your Custom Cook.Note: You may find it easier to type up the Guide Instructions using your Brava app or on the Brava website from your computer. 


Edit Guide Instructions Using the Brava App

app_image.png app_edit.png
1. To make changes to your Custom Cook on the App, open the Brava app, and tap on the Profile icon in the lower right corner.  Click on Created Custom Cooks, then select the recipe you want to edit, in this instance “Cookies.”
Tap on the “Edit” option in the upper right corner.
2. The first row is the recipe name. You can change the recipe name here. Tap on the second row to start fill out the Guide Instructions. This is the best place to put your intro to the recipe, a list of ingredients, and the step-by-steps instructions. See here for an example of how Brava Chef Erin formats this section: Pomegranate Salmon with Asparagus. Click save on the upper right corner.
upload.png CCApp9.jpg
3. You can also add your a photo for your recipe.  Tap on the camera icon on the left side. You will have the option to take a photo or upload a saved photo.  
Once the photo has been uploaded, click on Save at the upper right corner.
app_final.png 4. Our Cookies recipe is now complete!

Note: there is a unique Key assigned to the recipe. If you choose to make your recipe public, other users can use this key to download the recipe to their Brava.


Edit Guide Instructions on the Brava Website



1. Go to, click on Sign In at the upper right corner to sign into your Brava account.  Then put the cursor over the chef hat icon to see drop down. Select Custom Cooks.

2. Choose the custom cook you want to edit.



 3. Click on the Edit orange button.

4. Type out the instructions then click on SAVE. To add a photo, click on the gray image to the left of instructions.



5. From here you can upload and crop an image to your liking and then click the blue “Upload” button on the bottom right hand corner of the pop-up.


6. At this point, the recipe is private. You can publish the recipe to share with other Brava users by clicking on Make this recipe public.

To learn more about making your Custom Cook public, see Publish Your Custom Cook.

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