Is Cooking With Pure Light Safe?

Yes. Pure Light Cooking™ relies on infrared and visible light (which is how we see the world, but without using UV or blue light). Traditional ovens, toasters, and grills use infrared for broiling, baking, toasting, and roasting. It’s the same heat that emanates from a campfire, and it’s very different from a microwave.

Why does the Brava cook so much better?

The Brava converts energy into cooking power very efficiently — much more so than conventional ovens; the Brava’s patented combination of heating technology, electronics, and software precisely controls, directs and focuses this cooking power to quickly and efficiently cook your food.

Heat is universal. The fundamental differences between heating technologies is how the heat is applied. Traditional ovens cook through a combination of conduction (heating the cooking surface on which the food is placed), convection (heating food by raising the air temperature) and direct energy transfer (heating the food directly). What’s different about Pure Light Cooking™ is the unique ability to precisely and efficiently heat the surface of foods. That heat is then conducted from the surface to the interior of what you’re cooking by the nature of the food itself. It’s through this method that we get the best results in the shortest amount of time. This is in direct contrast to a microwave, where the energy is turned to water molecules that completely penetrate the food. Microwave heating is non-uniform and can cause extreme variations in the interior temperature of food. While rotating platters can distribute the heat more uniformly, this is a poorly controlled effect, sometimes leading to undesired overheating of food. In contrast, the Brava naturally heats from the surface similar to a conventional oven or a frying pan. The Brava produces light with a peak frequency close to that of a campfire, whereas microwaves produce a narrow spectrum at a far different frequency (Note: for relative comparison of these proximities, if the Brava's infrared peak frequencies were 1 mile away from the campfire peak frequency, the microwave's peak frequency would be more than 70,000 miles away - a distance of nearly 3X around the Earth!). These differences allow you to use the Brava to get a golden brown sear on a steak while keeping the center medium rare and juicy which is simply not possible with a microwave.
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