Why Choose the Brava?

The Brava is unlike any other cooking device-it uses an innovative, new technology. A few key reasons our customers are choosing the Brava:

  • The Brava cooks in a fraction of the time-The Brava is 2-4X faster than a regular oven. Full meals in 12 minutes? Impossible they said. Not with the Brava. There are two reasons for this- first, cooking with light skips the preheat, meaning the Brava can get hotter than a stone oven in less than a second. Second, the sensors and zones allow for cooking multiple foods at the same time. Genius you say? Yes, we agree.
  • It cooks on its own-The Brava can significantly reduce cook time, and it will cook just about anything to a perfect level of doneness--plus you can watch while it does this, either on the Brava display or via the app. The Brava cooks with light, direct energy transfer, 12 sensors, a camera, a TempSensor and temperature-controlled zones to do this. Simply put, the Brava knows precisely what it's cooking, for how long and can adjust on the fly to make it perfect.
  • The Brava tastes incredible-With more confidence and endless recipes, the Brava will have you eating all sorts of healthy and tasty meals more often. New chefs, experienced chefs, old chefs, young chefs all agree that the Brava makes food perfectly. You just have to try it.
  • The Brava is alive-The Brava has a brain. It can cook 1000s of recipes and is updated weekly with new recipes from our Michelin Star Brava Chefs. New cooking abilities based on your cooking habits. New choice settings--because, no matter how you like your eggs, you deserve a setting for it. The Brava simply gets better week after week, and it will change how you cook at home forever.
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