Brava Function Tiles Overview

The Brava offers many different functions that enable you to cook in various ways for the best results. Each tile contains a different function, and we constantly improve customers' experiences by adding new functionality to the Brava. 

Below is your Brava home display when you sign-in to your Brava.  Note there are two screens.  Swipe left with your finger to get to the second screen.

If it does not look like this, consult our guide to update your Brava software: Setting Up the Brava



Below is a brief description of each cooking tile:

mceclip3.png Cook  

This function contains all of our chef-created presets that you can follow. These presets include basic ingredients, 2-ingredient combos, 3-ingredient combos, and Two-tray recipes. 

You can also find presets for meals like a fresh dough pizza, a grilled cheese sandwich, a breakfast sandwich, and more. The best part about the cook function? Every step and every part of the cook process has already been planned out by our team of chefs. All you have to do is slide a tray into your Brava and press start.


This function transforms your Brava into a standard oven with traditional cooking methods and times. Using this tile, you can follow your normal, oven-bake recipes for great results! 


This function is great for achieving results that you would get from “Broil” in your built-in oven without compromising the doneness of your ingredients. Customized for your preferences, this function allows you to pick the direction of your sear and the sear time desired. 

The tile is great for searing proteins and for making ingredients not listed under our Cook tile. For example, you can easily sear burgers under our sear setting! 


This function reheats food with speed similar to a microwave, but with a higher retention of original flavors, crispness, and moistness in food. 

Screenshot_2019-08-01_09.27.12.png Toast

This function transforms your Brava into a toaster oven, where you can select what type of bread you want to toast, and get that perfect browning and doneness level every time. You can pick out of ten browning levels to ensure a perfect piece of toast.

 Brava Air Fry 

This function emulates the traditional air fryer. You can use any air fryer recipe you find online. We strongly recommend only using our air fry function for recipes you cannot find in our presets under our Cook tile. 


This function allows you to set your Brava to a very low temperature to dehydrate fruit, vegetables or meat. Our dehydrator has a timer that reaches 24 hours to ensure complete dehydration, and you can simply follow dehydration recipes you find online. 

Keep Warm

This function is just like a warming drawer. Under this function, the Brava remains a consistent temperature of 170 degrees Fahrenheit to keep your food warm after cooking.  

mceclip1.png Rice Cook

This function allows you to prepare a number of different types of rice in the Brava. Determine if your rice type is white or brown, add the ingredients listed to your Chef's Pan, select the corresponding option and follow the cooking instructions on the Brava for fluffy delicious rice. 

mceclip4.png Pro Cook

This function allows full control of the infrared lights that power your Brava. Under this function, you can manipulate each light's power, control each zone, and set a cook time. You become the Brava chef in pro cook!

mceclip5.png Custom Cook

This function is our most customizable function on the Brava. In this function, you can customize and combine multiple features of the Brava to create and share your own recipes. For example, you can combine Bake -> Sear -> Keep Warm to create your own unique, savable recipe. 

You can also customize our Brava presets included under the Cook tile. You now have the option to customize a preset to add additional functions after your cook-time has completed. For example, when your Filet Mignon has finished cooking, you can customize the recipe to add a Sear + Rest, and save that customized recipe. Now, all your preferences can be saved easily and accessibly!

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