The Brava Quick Start Guide

Important   Review and follow all on-screen instructions prior to starting any recipe programs or oven functions. If you need additional help, contact us at or 855-276-6767.

1. Proper Tray Usage

During preparation, be sure to use the proper tray(s) and place them on the shelves as directed. When doing back-to-back cooks, cool down hot trays with cool running water between cooks.

placementA.png placementB.png

The ingredients are placed across zones horizontally as indicated during recipe program preparation.

The ingredients are placed incorrectly on the tray and not according to the on- screen instructions.

zoneA.png zoneb.png

The zone is filled completely and ingredients are spread evenly to ensure proper cooking.

The zone is partially filled and ingredients are scattered, which could yield inconsistent results or overcooking.

trayA.png TrayB.png

The tray is filled completely and ingredients are spread evenly to ensure proper cooking.  Do not stack ingredients on top of each other.

The tray is partially filled and ingredients are scattered, which could yield inconsistent results or overcooking.

2. Protein Preparation

Pat proteins dry with a paper towel prior to cooking and season with salt and/or other seasonings on both sides.

3_copy.png 2_copy_3.png

Proteins should be cooked from a starting temperature between 35° and 55 °F (2° to 13°C).

In recipe programs for proteins that use the TempSensor, meat must be at least 1” thick to ensure proper cooking.

3. TempSensor Usage

The TempSensor is a precision tool that will allow the Brava to cook your proteins to your preferred level of doneness.

1_good.png 1_bad.png

Make sure that the TempSensor is inserted all of the way into the protein and none of the needle is exposed.

The TempSensor needle is not fully inserted and left exposed.

2_good.png 2_bad.png

The TempSensor should be probed into the thickest part of the protein, on the left side of the tray, and not at an angle.

The TempSensor needle is left exposed, probed at an angle, and not in the center of protein.

3_good.png 3_bad.png

The TempSensor cord should be tucked under the shelf to the left and away from the lamps above.

The TempSensor cord is not tucked under the shelf on left and exposed to the lamps above.

4. TempSensor Placement Examples

Below are some examples of TempSensor placements in a variety of different proteins. Note the angle and position is always the same in each scenario.

whole_chicken.png tri-tip.png

Whole Chicken Insert TempSensor horizontally through thickest part of chicken breast toward breastbone. It’s okay if it touches breastbone.

Tri-tip Insert TempSensor horizontally through center of the tri-tip.

salmon.png fresh_sausage.png

Salmon Insert TempSensor horizontally through center of the salmon.

Fresh Sausage Insert TempSensor lengthwise through center of the sausage.

 5. Experimenting with Brava

Things to Remember

remember_1.png remember_2.png

You may use TempSensor in Manual modes like Bake, Sear, Reheat, Air Fry, and Pro Cook.

Refer to the substitution list if you want to replace an ingredient.

Food Placement and Power Setting

lamp_1.png lamp_2.png

The closer your food is to the lamp, the more exponentially powerful the lamp is.

Foods thicker than 2” should be cooked on bottom shelf.



Top sear tends to take 3-5 minutes per zone to sear the top surface of proteins less than 2”.

You may only run 1 lamp at a time on sear (100% power). You cannot sear 2 zones at the same time. You must sear 1 zone, then move on to searing the next zone(s).



Searing (bottom sear only) on the bottom shelf tends to take about 2-3 minutes per zone per side.


Tray Usage

tray_1.png tray_2.png

Use the metal tray when cooking ingredients with similar cooking times.

The Metal tray will generally deliver a better bottom sear than glass tray (except for salmon skin).



Use either the glass or metal tray when baking.

Use the glass tray when cooking ingredients with radically different cooking times.


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